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  • Cathy Anderson

There never is a right time....

There never really is a right time or a perfect time the perfect time is the moment we are living in so the time for me to revive my domain and website is now.

I have had websites and blogs in the past more focused on career ..but priorities change or maybe they get ordered in the direction that feels the best and the time is now for me to blog as an artist.

I have been a photo-shopper and photographer for many years …almost 20 I think. Photography is my standby the “gateway” to my other artistic pursuits. I have applied those skills to digital art, now physical collage art, watercolor painting, and color pencil art. You will see some of that here on this website.

I am excited about sharing what I have learned about art techniques, especially collage art, in this site. The fun of collage art is that it’s something anyone can do. You just have to use the right materials.

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